YNAB now natively supports UK and EU banks, so you might not need this tool.


Connect Danske Bank Business to YNAB

United Kingdom

Import your Danske Bank Business transactions into YNAB automatically and securely.

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We support 121 banks in the United Kingdom, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Romania, Ireland, Spain, Italy and France.

How does it work?

Connect your Danske Bank Business account

Securely connect your Danske Bank Business account in just a few clicks. We will then automatically keep your YNAB account up to date.

Transactions Import Automatically

We automatically import your transactions multiple times per day. No more CSV uploads or manually adding transactions in YNAB.

Automatic categorization

YNAB will remember your payee names, and categories, saving you lots of time.

I'm absolutely blown away by how easy this was to set up, and how smoothly the new transactions have come in.